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She gave it to me I got it from her

Clara Amaral (PT,NL)

Swiss premiere
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duration : 50'

In English
English speaker friendlyAccessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite

She gave it to me, I got it from her is a book/dance show, activated by artist Clara Amaral in the presence of an audience gathered in small groups. 

Amaral invites us to unfold the story of a genealogy of women that can only be revealed through a wider reading – put into body and space – of what overflows from the text. Stripped, manipulated and recomposed by the performer’s movements, the book finally gives way to reveal the unrecorded stories of those who have never had the use of writing.
If the words “author” and “authority” have the same root, then this collective reading of the book claims, with body and writing, the part of authority – legal, social, political – that we refuse to those who are deprived of the ability to write. What if we tried to free the voices that haunt the margins of our bound pages?

Clara Amaral also presents Do you remember that time we were together and danced this or that dance ? more info here!


Clara Amaral e uma coreografia para ler um livro — interview
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thanks to Claire Philippe and the entire team of the Nyon Library