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En quête du geste mineur

Dénominateurs Communs (CH)

creation in situ

Peu ou pas de paroles Accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite English speaker friendly

En Quête du Geste Mineur is a research/creation project that brings together five multidisciplinary artists to explore philosopher Erin Manning’s concept of “minor gesture”. Defined as the gestural force that transforms the field of relationships and the powers of action, the minor gesture can go almost unnoticed. Starting from this premise, and without any presuppositions, the En Devenir Collective will immerse themselves in the far° festival and generate various small actions on 9 and 10 August in Cour des Marchandises. We dare you to identify and enjoy them… Place your bets!

“We met on the 25th of March 2023. We had an appointment at one o’clock. There were five of us. Like the fingers on one hand. Ali, David-Christelle, Louise, Maria and Nicolas. We were going to spend 24 hours together. We didn’t know each other. Or hardly. We had one day to connect and lay the foundations for our future. The first founding act of this research: cutting the book The Minor Gesture into five more or less equal parts.”
– En Devenir Collective

Design and interventions Dénominateurs Communs consist of Louise Bentkowski, Maria Da Silva, Nicolas Dutour, Ali Lamaadli production IRMAS-Institut de recherche en musique et arts de la scène, La Manufacture-Haute école des arts de la scène, le Pavillon ADC Genève, far° Nyon