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Office for a Human Theatre (IT)

Swiss premiere
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duration 60'
In Italian and English, with surtitles in English and French

This show is part of the ecological tour.


High volume and strobe effects in certain scenes

Accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite English speaker friendly 
For people with reduced mobility, please register before the show to access via an alternative entrance.

Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein in Cologny, near Geneva, in 1816, at a time when the planet was experiencing “a year without a summer”, following the eruption of the Tambora volcano in Indonesia, which caused the earth’s temperature to fall by 2°C. In a quasi-apocalyptic atmosphere, the author created one of the first aesthetic experiments to depict climate change in an arctic and glacial setting. For his new work, Filippo Andreatta takes up the myth and examines its genesis in minute detail, in order to relate it to the environmental issues of our time. Far from the storybook image of a terrifying, inept creature, the monster created by Viktor Frankenstein speaks for the first time, not as a stranger but as a fellow citizen. The telling of his story highlights his creator’s failure to control the forces of nature, which ultimately overwhelm and turn against him. Two hundred years after ShelleyOHT’s Frankenstein is breathtaking, highlighting humanity’s capacity to make a pact with horror and become monstrous in its own right. As we enter a new era of climate disruption, this masterful retelling is an immersive and disturbing wake-up call.


direction To discover Stina Fors in a completely different universe, check out her funny solo A Mouthful of Tongues

Corriere della Sera, 29 janvier 2023
Frankenstein è uno choc climatico

Filippo Andreatta, Frankenstein
MaCulture, 08.08.23
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design OHT | Office for a Human Theatre direction, sets and writing Filippo Andreatta – texts inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus (1818) and the works of Clarice Lispector – sound and music Davide Tomat performance Silvia Costa, Stina Fors, OHT assistant director Veronica Franchi lighting designer Andrea Sanson costumes Lucia Gallone stage manager Cosimo Ferrigolo stage sculpture and automation Plastikart Studio busts and wax masks Nadia Simeonkova backdrop painting Paolino Libralato translator french subtitles Anita Rochedy subtitle technique Danae Dario technician Orlando Cainelli intern technician Rebecca Quintavalle administration Lucrezia Stenico development Anna Benazzoli distribution Chiara Boitani production OHT coproduction TPE Teatro Piemonte Europa, Snaporazverein (CH) artistic residency Centrale Fies, Centro Servizi Culturali S.Chiara di Trento sponsors MiC, Provincia Autonoma di Trento, Fondazione Caritro di Trento e Rovereto