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Raphaëlle Mueller (CH)


installation · free access all time from 6pm
friday 16 August · 5pm > 6:45pm : presence of Raphaëlle Mueller
saturday 17 August · 6pm > 6:45pm : meeting with Sylvia Schibli of VerSo Good
wednesday 21 August · 6pm > 6.45pm : tasting food of the future

How to survive in the ruined ecosystems of capitalism? The AFFP (Autonomous Future Food Production) project lead by Raphaëlle Mueller aims to map the threats to earthly survival and hypothesizes on new methods of food production. Taking account of the ongoing damages inflicted to our biosphere, AFFP emphasizes a shift of food production towards the use of bacteria, algae, fungi and insects, cultivated in radically decentralized networks of DIY customizable kitchen/farms. This food futurist scenario, rooted in ancestral practices as well as in today’s scientific research, speculates on how we will feed ourselves in 2060 and opens up questions about our collaborations with these other-than-humans agents. Nevertheless, the adaptative imperatives will challenge dietary habits and nutritional status, and the AFFP proposals/upcoming meals may be more uncanny than expected.

Festival des arts vivants Nyon : Raphaëlle Mueller
RTS UN · Journal 12h45, 15 août 2019
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À Nyon, le festival des arts vivants met la nature au centre
Léman Bleu Télé, 15 août 2019
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La nourriture du futur
RTS Nouvo, 16 août 2019
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conception: Raphaëlle Mueller / production: Raphaëlle Mueller, far° Nyon / set design: bureau sacha von der potter / thanks to: Spiruline SwissMade, VerSo Good