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Biodynamiser le parking

Thierry Boutonnier (FR)


free access
thursday 22 August · 6pm > 8.30pm : yoga with dowser
friday 23 August · 2.30pm > 6.30pm : car park core sampling
saturday 24 August · 2.30pm > 5pm : manufacture of a monolith / 5pm > 6.30pm : soil tasting

“To rely on the force of plants to develop the power to act”, such is Thierry Boutonnier’s creed. The farmers’ son and artist worked on a farm during his scientific and artistic studies. In the face of dwindling biodiversity, his artistic practice reminds us of the fragility of our existence while reasserting the earth’s potential as a fertile source of imagination capable of meeting the environmental challenges of our times. With Biodynamiser le parking, Thierry Boutonnier addresses a topical issue in Nyon and offers a programme of collective, playful and joyful actions that aim to raise the awareness of the city’s residents to the artificialisation of the soil and subsoil: the time has come to consider the quality of the subsoil as well as that of the air. Biodynamiser le parking promises to be a visually powerful, funny and delightful experiment!

Le far° creusera le sol du parking Perdtemps
24 Heures, 16 août 2019
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Le far° place un artiste au chevet de Perdtemps
La Côte, 22 août 2019
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Rendez la terre aux vers de terre
RTS Nouvo, 23 août 2019
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with: Marius Diserens (yoga teacher) / Alexandre Oricchio (diviner) / Redha Farah (geologist), Raymond Paccot (winemaker) / artistic collaboration: Géraldine Lopez /assistance: Solène Fraisse / production: Thierry Boutonnier, far° Nyon / support: La Fondation des Artistes / thanks : Cantonal Museum of Geology - University of Lausanne, Changins - University of Viticulture and Oenology - Nyon, ISR Injectobohr SA, Damien Evéquoz, Muriel Mertenat, La Cave à Jules

This project is the first step in a long-term collaboration between Thierry Boutonnier and far°.