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Ivana Müller & Gaëlle Obiégly (HR,FR)


duration : approx. 90'

ENTRE-DEUX was born out of a meeting between choreographer Ivana Müller and writer Gaëlle Obiégly that focused on embroidery. We learned that this craft was mainly reserved for women, and it was neither particularly efficient nor necessarily useful. It is slow, delicate and very absorbing. Unlike many time-consuming crafts, embroidery leads to an almost meditative state. In French, the word “broder” (embroider) also means to invent, fill, embellish or spin a tale. Grabbing a needle like one would a fountain pen, stitch after stitch, the two artists embroider letters, words, and abstract patterns on a fabric, like so many conversation triggers, telling each other stories about the world around them and about the world they are inventing. ENTRE-DEUX is the cartography of a world being born.

balise 02 – saturday august 17th, 8.30pm and after the performance
terrasse de la Salle communale
meeting and discussion (in french) about ENTRE-DEUX

Au far°, satire du progrès et temps retrouvé
Le Temps, 20 août 2019
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Entretien avec Ivana Müller et Gaëlle Obiégly, 18 novembre 2019
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conception, text, choreography, interpretation: Ivana Müller & Gaëlle Obiégly / set design: Nils De Coster / light: Fanny Lacour / production: I’M COMPANY (Matthieu Bajolet & Gerco de Vroeg) / coproduction: far° Nyon, Ménagerie de verre Paris, Montévidéo centre d’art Marseille / support: Spedidam, apap-performing Europe 2020, EU – Creative Europe Program, Direction régionale des affaires culturelles d’Île-de-France – ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, Région Île-de France