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Ivana Müller (HR,FR)

Swiss premiere

duration : approx. 45' or more as required

ATTENTION > change of venue for Hors-Champ, go to Les Marchandises instead of Place des Marronniers.

takes place in a “colony” made up of a dozen tents similar to those we are used to seeing in campsites and around lakes in the summer or that can be found in large cities, under bridges and along canals, hidden from view. In each, a conversation inspired by the world of plants awaits you. In the privacy of the tent, you read a dialogue and “write” what is going to happen in this period of time spent together. Hors-Champ offers, for example the chance to attend a Conversation about roots and resistance, to become invisible during an Endangered conversation, or to sharpen your listening skills in a Whispered conversation about the nature of survival. Each tent offers a micro-universe and engages a new meeting to address our relationship with nature and with others, in a protective as well as revealing space.

NRTV fait sa culture
Nyon Région TV, 29 août 2019
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Vers une écologie du spectaculaire, 6 janvier 2019
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conception: Ivana Müller / scripts: Ivana Müller in collaboration with Julien Lacroix and Anne Lenglet / production: I’M COMPANY (Matthieu Bajolet, Gerco de Vroeg and Suzanne Veiga Gomes) / support: apap-performing Europe 2020 / EU – Creative Europe Program, Direction régionale des affaires culturelles d’Île-de-France – ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, Région Île-de France