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La ballade des plantes
en balade

Ondine Cloez & Adrien Mesot (FR,CH)


duration : approx. 150'
provide shoes adapted to walking + clothing according to the weather,
the walk takes place in all weathers

La ballade des plantes en balade is a project in two parts designed by Ondine Cloez and Adrien Mesot. The two artists invite you to a walk in the region to discover wild plants in song!

First part : Adrien Mesot, Cueillette sauvage

When he was an Arts student at Head – Genève, Adrien Mesot focused on wild plants without knowing that this interest for the plant world would turn out to be decisive. Enthralled by what he learnt, he refined his knowledge in order to be able to identify and use plants properly. Accessible, tasty, varied and good for the health, to his great surprise the plants nevertheless remained little known. He was thus driven to transmit this specific knowledge which connects us to our more distant ancestors. Adrien Mesot takes you on a journey to discover the gustatory and medicinal virtues and other qualities of our local wild plants.

Second part : Ondine Cloez, The Salernitan Rule of Health

This performance takes as its starting point aphorisms in the book Regimen sanitatis Salernitanum or The Salernitan Rule of Health. Dating back to the 13th century, anonymous and probably collaborative, this compendium gathers together the guidelines of the Salerno School in Italy, considered as the first medical university in Europe. These short poems are like recommendations that combine scholarly medicine with popular knowledge about hygiene and the various ways of remaining healthy. Written in Alexandrine verse, this collection of poems was probably meant to popularise science for the general population. Making the assumption that these poems were transmitted in music, Ondine Cloez offers to sing a few for you!

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La ballade des plantes en balade / conception: Ondine Cloez, Adrien Mesot / production: Ondine Cloez, Adrien Mesot, far° Nyon · · · Ondine Cloez L’art de conserver la santé / production: Entropie Production / coproduction: CDCN Atelier de Paris Vincennes, Les Brigittines Bruxelles, Le Phare CCN du Havre Normandie / Bourse à la recherche du Service de la Danse de la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles /residencies and support: BUDA Courtrai, Vooruit Gand, Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, CDCN Le Pacifique Grenoble