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Les bonnes œuvres

Adina Secretan (CH)

associate artist – creation

for only one person per day chosen at random

In collaboration with : Anne Rochat, Chloé Démétriadès, Christophe Jaquet, David Gagnebin-de Bons, Elise Gagnebin-de Bons, Fabienne Berger, Léonie Vanay, Louis Schild, Marco Berrettini, Marie-Aude Guignard, Marion Duval, Myriam Ziehli, Robin Michel, Yan Duyvendak

While in many artistic fields the focus lies on the perception of the works by the public – what they see, feel and think – it is undoubtedly rarer to see this issue reversed: how do artists perceive the public? What happens when one prepares to meet people whose face one has not yet seen? How does one address something to people one does not know? Secretan shared these questions with other artists, whose work she loves and admires. She then invited these artists to create a work destined for a single, unknown person. With Les bonnes œuvres, every day during the festival, a member of the public will be surprised with an original work offered to them out of the blue. Sometimes great encounters begin with a complete misunderstanding!

conception: Adina Secretan / production: La Section Lopez, far° Nyon