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Redressing Crimes
against Nature

Marine Calmet (FR)

talk (in french)

duration : approx. 90'
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Talk by Marine Calmet Echoing the project Voice of Nature: The Trial, Marine Calmet, a lawyer who fights for the recognition of the rights of Nature, has been invited to provide tangible examples of restorative justice. Her talk will also address the international recognition of ecocide, understood as a criminal act that consists of destroying an ecosystem deliberately and entirely. Thanks to the organisation of people’s courts, the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature, which gathers together NGOs from all over the world, applies the provisions of the Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth (April 2010). Too often isolated, persecuted and ignored, populations struggling against ecocidal projects come here to make themselves heard. With a combination of videos and pictures, this talk advocates the recognition of crimes against Nature, extending a hand to help heal Earth’s wounds.

L'écocide devient réalité dans les tribunaux
Le Courrier, 16 août 2019
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