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National Meeting for Performance Programmers



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 Arts Vivants, Art Action, Performance Art, Performancekunst, Performing Arts, Live Art: In every language, performing arts are reformulated. The words remain vague, as does the field of activity and expression that is thus named. In association with PANCH (Performance Art Network CH), far° presents the 6th National Meeting for Performance Programmers which will take place in Western Switzerland for the very first time. Based on the assumption that the field of performance is formulated distinctly depending on the regions in Switzerland, this meeting aims to understand the specific features that appear thanks to the participation of eight performing arts programmers and to group work sessions.

With : Avec : Maya Bösch, Anja Dirks, Béatrice Josse, Valerian Maly, Andrea Marioni, Patrick de Rham, Dorothea Rust

information and registration until 10 August at contact[at]

production: PANCH, far° Nyon / support: Oertli-Stiftung