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Sans effort

Joël Maillard & Marie Ripoll (CH)


duration : approx. 75'

Sans effort is Joël Maillard’s new creation, for which he refrained from writing anything. The project is based on a question: How could people without books and computers survive culturally? What is left of the human brain in the absence of any external storage media? In association with Marie Ripoll on stage, Louis Jucker for the music and Tiphanie Bovay-Klameth as external memory bank, Joël Maillard explores human memory and oral transmission as a unique medium of creation. The communication process between these four internal memories thus becomes the central character in this performance. Following on from his first works which focused on absence, and the thought process initiated with Quitter la Terre (2017) and Imposture posthume (2019), the artist builds on his work on human traces and their disappearance.

balise 03 – wednesday august 21st, 8.30pm and after the performance
terrasse de la Salle communale
meeting and discussion (in french) about Sans effort

Joël Maillard, sans aide-mémoire
RTS La 1ère, 19 août 2019
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Sans effort, une formidable aventure humaine
RTS Vertigo, 20 septembre 2019
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with: Joël Maillard, Marie Ripoll, René R. / original idea, direction: Joël Maillard / non-writing, production: Joël Maillard, Marie Ripoll / complementary brain: Tiphanie Bovay-Klameth / musical transmission: Louis Jucker / light: Nidea Henriques / accompaniment and diffusion: Delphine Prouteau - Infilignes / production and administration: Tutu Production - Véronique Maréchal / coproduction: far° Nyon, far° Nyon, Arsenic - Centre d'art scenic contemporain Lausanne