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The Stain

María Jerez (ES)

Swiss premiere

duration : 80'

The Stain brings together things that are not meant to be together. Marked by a specific interest for the undefinable, the unclassifiable and the uncertain, the work of María Jerez lies at the crossroads of choreography, cinema and visual arts. In the development of this project, the artist surrounded herself with a carpenter, a musician, a painter, a baker and a light designer. Rather than accumulating know-how, the aim was to open up an area of shared knowledge, fostering new connections, where the familiar is cast aside. Thus, The Stain reveals itself as an unstable space where entities of various natures coexist: plant, human, animal, mineral, fungal, female, male and more that move in a choreography of uninterrupted encounters. The Stain is not a single piece but countless works at the same time.

Interview de María Jerez par Nicolas Julliard
RTS · Espace 2, La Matinale, 12 août 2019
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conception: María Jerez / artistic collaboration : Óscar Bueno, Anto Rodríguez, Javier Cruz, Arantxa Martínez, Carlos Granados, Javier Mansilla, Gilles Gentner, Antonio Peñuelas and Andrea Spaziani / coproduction: BUDA Courtrai, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Terreno Común (a project by Naves del Matadero – International Living Arts Centre in association with Siemens Foundation), NAVE Santiago du Chili / support: apap – advancing performing arts project – Performing Europe 2020 / EU – Creative Europe Programme