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Voice of Nature: The Trial

Maria Lucia Cruz Correia (PT,BE)

Swiss premiere

duration : 120'

Maria Lucia Cruz Correia’s artistic work reflects her deep commitment to environmental issues. She reacts to the ecological crimes of our times by offering a participatory context that connects art with the voice of scientists, activists and lawyers. Voice of Nature: The Trial is a dramatic trial that addresses the way legislation and justice can serve threatened ecosystems on Earth. Can we grant the status of a natural person to non-humans? How do we turn a mountain or a river into a legal entity? Can precedents in Ecuador and New Zealand inspire us? The public is invited into a transformative process through fiction, magic and documentary. In this trial, humans and non-humans come together to find a collective language.

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conception and direction: Maria Lucia Cruz Correia / dramaturgy: Ingrid Vranken / performance: Caroline Daish / systemi constellation navigator: Luea Ritter / research contributione: Sébastien Hendrickx / sound design: João Bento / light design: Vinny Jones / video: Mark Požlep / advice: Jeroen Peeters, Starhawk / costume design: Anne-Catherine Kunz / legal fact checking: Hendrik Schoukens, Juan Auz / research documentation: Mark Požlep, Hana Vodeb / reparative justice collaborator: Brunilda Pali / intern: Maíra Wiener / technic: Alain Decoen / production: Tieneke de Meyer, FoAM / coproduction: Vooruit Gand, Kaaitheater Bruxelles, Bunker Ljubljana, Workspacebrussels Bruxelles, Het TheaterFestival Gand, t-heater & Circuit X (Roel Verniers Prijs 2017) / support: Flemish Community, Imagine 2020 – Creative Europe Culture / residency and research: No Lugar Quito, Center for Creative Ecologies (prof.T.J. Demos) University of California Santa Cruz, Artsadmin Londres, BUDA Courtrai, WP Zimmer Anvers / thanks to Sarayaku community, UDAPT,TJ Demos, Polly Higgins, Steven Desanghere, Juliane von Crailsheim, Femke Widekop, Michelle Maloney, Irena Radmanovic, Nina Vurdelja, coyote, Eva Peeters,  Monika Meysmans, Ivo Aertsen, Isabelle de Vos, Cathrina  Van den Abeele (hoofdgriffier hof van beroep Gent), Nathalie Van De Vijver, Bert Meyfroot, Refu Interim / Interviewees: Francois Houtart – Marxist sociologist and catholic priest, Juan G. Auz – Lawyer for human rights and environmental protection, Pablo Barriga – Artist and Professor, Pablo Fahardo – Activist and lawyer of UDAPT, Donald Macayo – Activist and executive member of UDAPT, Patricia Guanliga – Sarayaku leader and international relationships, Franco Viteri – Former president of Sarayaku and CONFENAI, Narcisa Simona Gualinga – Dirigent of Ancient Wise Leaders Sarayaku, Jose Gualinga – Former Leader of Sarayaku, Eriberto Gualinga – activist filmmaker from Sarayaku, Sunshine Rose – Lakota Sioux, Standing Rock – TJ Demos: Art historian and cultural critic, Polly Higgins – Scottish advocate and expert in ecocide