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a perma-curatorial and artistic experiment

An attempt to integrate a permaculture practice into the ecosystem of the performing arts

Since last spring, far° has been engaged in an exploration of the principles of permaculture, in order to transpose them to its work dynamics.

Our intention is to rethink far° through permaculture, by integrating practical and concrete experiences in different fields into our thinking.

The far° team is inspired by permaculture to rethink and renew its mode of operation. We adopt its principles in concrete and symbolic ways.

In collaboration with permaculture practitioners, artists and scientists, we will attempt to develop a new collective practice, both for our curatorial work and for the support of artists. To do so, we will put our hands in the ground and transpose two, even three, permaculture principles to our organization.

Through this experiment, we seek to identify a clear methodology for making the living arts even more alive: a source of life and new relationships between humans as well as between humans and non-humans.


A permaculture manifesto

Permaculture is about thinking and creating ecological and human, natural and cultural systems that are resilient, productive and nurturing. Always rooted in a singular context, it encourages creativity and novel processes.

Permaculture aspires to develop true sustainability in production processes. It allows us to (re)give a direction to our projects, our working methods, our objectives and our ways of interacting. Permaculture invites us to deepen our relationship with what nourishes us, in a perspective of producers and not only consumers, and in the long time that respects the natural cycles of the ecosystem.

Although we come from the agricultural world, we believe that its philosophy and principles are fertile and transposable to our work of artistic accompaniment and organization of events. We are convinced that it can be particularly relevant to guide the transformation of the cultural milieu and existing structures such as ours.

Inspired by the repertoires and techniques of collaborative actions, we will rethink our operating modes and our activity cycles, so as to integrate not only the notion of ecological footprint, but also of sensitive, intellectual and artistic footprints. Thus, we are now planting the seeds of a permaculture practice of the living arts.

At the end of our first experiments, we will write a "Permaculture Manifesto", an organizational guide for a sustainable, inclusive and equitable cultural institution, which we will make available to other teams.

Past events :

November 5 direction during the Journée des Arts in Nyon, the artists of the project Sonja Jokiniemi and Gregory Stauffer invited us to connect to the present moment through permaculture
November 11 direction presentation of the project during a workshop at m2act@Grange-UNIL


Project conceived and implemented by the far° team in collaboration with Leila Chakroun (doctoral student in environmental sciences and permaculture researcher, Lausanne), Shannon Cooney (artist Berlin/Toronto), Clément Demaurex (Innovation and change facilitator - Organizational design coach, Lausanne), Sonja Jokiniemi (artist, Lausanne/Helsinki), Gregory Stauffer (artist, Bienne)

With the support of m2act - the support and networking project of the Migros Culture Percentage for the Performing Arts