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Textured Dialogues - Sonja Jokiniemi

For several years, the artist Sonja Jokiniemi has been interested in the question of language, non-verbal storytelling strategies, neurodiversity, the relationship between objects and humans, and the crafting and making of textiles in her performance practice and in community projects.

In a collaboration with the far° fabrique et festival des arts vivants Nyon, the artist proposes in March the workshop Textured dialogues.

The workshop can take shape in many durations, constellations and contexts and particularly invites people with other types of expression methods than spoken language to participate (more informations below).

The central idea of this workshop is to build a visual and haptic landscape that proposes activation, movement and dialogue with the participants. There will be guided proposals as well as improvisations to dialogue together.

Sonja Jokiniemi will invite the participants to dive deeper into the narrative together. This narrative of each participant with the group becomes the basic material. Here, storytelling is defined more as the formation of relationships than as a narrative. The group will explore in practical and creative ways questions such as: How do I relate to the world? How do I respond to external stimuli? In what ways do I construct imaginary worlds with my hands? How is my environment affected by me?

The dialogue will be constructed with different materials and mediums such as drawing, dance and textiles. Simultaneously, participants will create an installation in the room that can be seen and activated by others.

Sonja Jokiniemi is originally from Finland and lives in Lausanne. She has worked as an artist on research projects, such as Ongehoord (= unheard of), by the Belgian researcher Dr. Leni Van Goidsenhoven, on autism, expression and narration. She has also initiated her own projects with autistic people and people with mental disorders, such as Without an alphabet and Alvila home.

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Practical informations

Location: the meeting will take place at the far° in order to build the sculpture during several workshops (5 rue des Marchandises, 1260 Nyon)
Date: to be agreed upon between March 7 and 17, 2023 (excluding weekends)
Duration: between 1 hour and 2h30, flexible according to the schedule and the needs of the participants
Group size: 3 to 10 people
Free registration

Informations and registration

From Sophie Tschachtli, - 022 365 15 58

This workshop takes place within the framework of the PERMA-CULTURE project, a curatorial and artistic trial of the far° (project supported by m2act):