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Plasma Projekt N°9 (CH)



Randomisation apparaît en 1957, emprunté à l’anglais randomization, dérivé de at random « au hasard ». Définition : échantillonnage aléatoire destiné à réduire ou supprimer l’interférence de variables autres que celles qui sont étudiées. Si, comme moi, vous n’avez pas bien compris, rappelez-vous ce qu’est le hasard : un jeu ou un risque, événement fortuit et imprévisible.
Quatre hommes, réunis par le hasard et la soif du jeu, tentent le coup de la randomisation avec une ferveur frisant le ridicule. Comment vaincre le hasard pour gagner ? Et, par ricochet, comment expliquer que nous soyons ici maintenant et ce que nous sommes ? La faute à pas d’chance ?


They practice randomization fervently: to win at gambling, to understand why chance wanted them to be there at that moment. Pathetically funny!

texte et mise en scène : Lukas Bangerter
traduction : Julien Schmutz ; adaptation : Ariane Karcher
jeu : Wowo Habdank, Janet Haufl er, Andreas Spaniol, Jorgos Margaritis, Jesko Stubbe
scénographie : Lukas Bangerter
musique : Jan Ratschko, Martin Wigger
assistante : Sarah Ross
costumes : Petra Kenneth
lumières : Patrick Rimann

production : Wolfram Heberle, GO-Theaterproduktionen
coproduction : Theaterhaus Gessnerallee Zurich, Schlauchthaus Theater Bern
avec le soutien de : Ville de Zurich, Pro Helvetia - Fondation suisse pour la culture, Département culturel du Canton de Zurich, Département des affaires culturelles de la Ville de Berne, Amt fu?r Kultur des Kantons Bern / SWISSLOS, Dr. Adolf Streuli Stiftung, Familien Vontobel Stiftung, Hamasil Stiftung, Pour-cent culturel Migros, Sophie und Karl Binding Stiftung, Kulturstiftung Landis & Gyr-Zoug.
PLASMA est partenaire de la Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art

The Swiss drama group PLASMA sees itself as a laboratory in which is searched for theatrical forms of expression. Since 2001 projects have thereby come into being, which distinguish themselves by an own mark and by their professional translation into action.
Plasma – the group around the director and author Lukas Bangerter – explores the borders between theatre, music and fine arts, and in this manner creates performances with a unique signature: densely layered and yet clear and reduced in its means.
The group has realised fourteen projects to date since being founded by Lukas Bangerter and the actor Wowo Habdank in 2000. Zurich acts as the base for the creation of their work, from where they perform at performance venues and festivals in Switzerland and Europe.
From the start, a focus of PLASMA's work has been the attempt to free language from its sole function of transporting meaning, and to extend the comprehension thereof as an acoustic and musical phenomenon. The pieces of Lukas Bangerter are never linear treatises. They can be read both as living instillations or as scenic concerts, and always bear witness to the attempt to transform form into content, and content into form.
During the last years PLASMA has participated in several festivals in Switzerland and abroad (amongst others the WIENER FESTWOCHEN 2006, IMPULSE, BALTIC CIRCLE HELSINKI, REMINISCENCJE TEATRALNE KRAKOW and festivals in Paris, Teheran, Lublijana, Mumbai, Neu Delhi, Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin, Potsdam, Köln, Szczecin, Seoul, Skopje, Nyon, Dublin and Kiev). On these occasions their specific use of forms and aesthetics received great resonance. It turned out that the work of director Lukas Bangerter did not lose its impact, even in front of an audience not speaking or understanding German in Cairo, Paris or Helsinki.