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Become friends of the far°

Benefit from various advantages

— invitation to the festival's press conference (festival)
— invitation to the festival’s opening ceremonies (festival)
— you will receive the program at home, with your name in as b a Friend of the festival
— depending on the amount of your donation, you will receive free entrances
— invitation to the Rendez-vous du far°
— you will be invited to attend an annual cosy cultural outing, specifically conceived for you
 There are several ways to support us (rates in swiss Franc per year)

— for 50.– : you become a Friend
— for 100.– : you become a Friend and are granted 1 invitation to the festival
— for 200.– : you become a Friend and are granted 2 invitations to the festival
— for 300.– : you become a Friend and are granted 3 invitations to the festival
— for 500.– : you become a Friend and are granted 5 invitations to the festival
— for 1000.– : you become a Friend and are granted 1 pass for the festival

The far° foundation is recognized as being of public utility. Consequently your donation is tax deductible.

fondation far° – 5, rue des Marchandises, 1260 Nyon
Caisse d'épargne de Nyon / IBAN CH88 0832 6000 1120 0101 1 / BIC-SWIFT CAGYCH21 
Please notice : please provide your surname, first name, full address and email


Friends of the far° 2020

Marianne Aeschbacher, Antoinette Banoub, Carinne Bertola, Dominique Blanchard, Editha & Alex Braunwalder, Friedel Brunner, Claudine Carreras, Marcel Croubalian, Nadine Defago, Lorraine Deville, M.F. Dil, Elfriede Egger, Pascal & Catherine Egger, Nathalie Etter, Claude-André Farine, Isabelle Flouck, Fabienne Freymond Cantone, Jean-François Fuglister, Hans G., Mélanie Gehri, Yves Genier, Philippe Glasson, Guillaume Guilherme, Iris Haldemann, Shirin Hatam, Gertrude Hiestand Stähli, Eliane Monique Jaccard, Tanya Zein & Jean-Paul Jaccaud, Bertrand Jaton, Thomas Junod, Sabine Kinzer, Catherine Labouchère, Virginie Lauwerier Noureldin, Jacques Locatelli, Margaux Ebersberger, mcbd architectes, Alain Michaud, Sandrine Moeschler, Olivier Monge, Gaston Nicole, Doris Pluss Gerber, Monica Prieto Perret, Jacqueline Puhr, Isabelle Renggli, Christiane Renouprez, André & Josiane Scheibler, Bernard & Michelle Schenk, Sophie & Yves Scherzinger Oberson, Stéphanie Schmutz, Christiane & Jean Schmutz-Borgeaud, Pierre Schwerzmann, Anita Seifert, Jean-Jacques & Caroline Steiner, Yves Strub, Monique Tanquerel-Mani, Francoise & Maurice Wermeille, Commune d'Arzier-Le Muids, Commune de Chéserex, Commune de Coppet, Commune de Founex, Commune de Gingins, Commune de Mies, Axis Dental Sàrl, B-Rest SA, Ldw Sàrl, Uldry SA, Caisse d'Épargne de Nyon, La Mobilère, PLR Nyon

The list of our friends isn't comprehensive and subject to the website update delay (June 29th 2020). Our apologies if your name isn't on the list.