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Watch & Talk

The Watch & Talk residency is looking to invent favourable conditions to true artistic effervescence. Based upon a mentoring system, young artists are invited to immerse themselves in all the works presented at the festival, to enjoy dynamic research within an allocated time frame, through exchanges and without any further obligation. Under the guidance of a professional of the performing arts, for 11 days, participants engage in critical and constructive analysis though dialogue and developing thought with the view to the festival’s program. They will also have unique opportunities to have artists invited by the festival, making private presentations of their work. (read Laboratoire de la pensée)

Yvan Alvarez, Guillaumarc Froidevaux, Eva Galtier, Laetitia Pascalin,
Maira Wiener
theoretical guidance : Nina Kennel

Arthur Eskenasi, Virginie Janelas, Ainhoa Hernandez Escudero, Mila Pavicevic, Laura Ramirez Ashbaugh, Marion Zurbach
theoretical guidance : Amilcar Packer


Maxime Arnould, Elke Huybrechts, Flora Kountouriotis, Calixto Neto,
Marion Thomas
theoretical guidance : Myrto Katsiki

Ann De Keersmaecker, Alex Iwanov, Maïté Jeannolin, Emmilou Rössling,
Trân Tran, Raphaël Vuilleumier
theoretical guidance : Joachim Hamou

Martin Conod, Kaisha Essiane, Nina Kennel, Robin Lescouët, Léa Meier
theoretical guidance : Sandra Noeth

Sarah Blumenfeld, Elie Grape, Charlotte Nagel, Lugh O’Neil, Stéphanie Rosianu,
Cécile Tonizzo
theoretical guidance : Éric Vautrin

Vanessa Gerotto, Loan Nguyen, Flavio Ribeiro, Pauline Simon, Elise Simonet
theoretical guidance : Lou Forster

Julie Gouju, Yasmine Hugonnet, Leonardo Kovacevic, Barbara Roland,
Céline Zufferey
theoretical guidance : Bojana Bauer

Giacomo Bogani, Laetitia Dosch, Andrea Falcone, Giordano Rush,
Vincent Thomasset, Philippe Wicht
theoretical guidance : Franz Anton Cramer

Chloé Démétriadès, Lina Hengten, Gaëlle Hippoloyte, Anne Lenglet, Joël Maillard
theoretical guidance : Yvane Chapuis, Veronica Tracchia 

Watch & Talk is the result of an on-going collaboration
between Migros Culture Percentage and far° festival.