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Les baigneurs

Clédat & Petitpierre (FR,CH)


duration : ongoing performance
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Last April, the musée du Léman invited far° to participate in the opening of the Plouf! Une histoire de la baignade dans le Léman exhibition (‘Splash! A History of Swimming in Lake Geneva’). A collaboration then came about and Clédat & Petitpierre were commissioned to design an original work for the occasion. The two artists, festival regulars and Lake Geneva lovers, expressed their enthusiasm right away. They created a ‘living sculpture’, based on Picasso’s 1928 painting Bathers with Beach Ball. This summer, the two bathers will stop over at far° and will lounge around among the festivalgoers by setting up shop in the courtyard of the Usine à gaz to catch the last sunrays. Follow their lead and join them!

Le far° au Musée du Léman
NRTV – Culture, 6 avril 2017
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concept, performance: Coco Petitpierre, Yvan Clédat / production: Lebeau et associés, far° Nyon, musée du Léman Nyon / with the support of la maison Hermès