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Tes mots dans ma bouche

Anna Rispoli, Lotte Lindner & Till Steinbrenner (IT,BE,DE,UK)

creation in french

duration : 50'
performance in french

Tes mots dans ma bouche (‘Your Words in my Mouth’) invites a poly-amorous woman who grew up in a kibbutz, a Protestant vicar, a sex club manager, a Muslim Syrian, an ultra-right-wing militant Buddhist, a sexual assistant for disabled people, a neuropsychiatrist and a woman who has chosen to do without romantic relationships, to debate. By deliberately gathering together people whose social, political, ethical and moral views are extremely different, the project aims to highlight the fragility of European identity. Somewhere in Nyon, in a venue kept secret until the last minute, the transcription of their conversation is given to the audience to re-enact. How does a person react when re-enacting the words, thoughts and values of another? Although the conversation begins on the ubiquitous topic of love as a pretext, it soon turns to issues of beliefs, social habits and the crisis of democracy.

Le far° met l’eau à la bouche
Le Temps, 17 août 2017
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concept, direction: Anna Rispoli, Lotte Lindner, Till Steinbrenner / french translation: Raphaëlle Lacord & Benjamin Pécoud / coproduction: far° Nyon, Theaterformen Hanovre / support: CIFAS Brussels

about the artist : Anna Rispoli (born in 1974) lives and works in Brussels. Her solo work focusing on unexpected usages of shared territories through participatory practice, Anna Rispoli questions conceptual possibilities and esthetical options between public spaces and private territories. Together with ZimmerFrei, the Bologna based collective she co-founded, she creates visual and audio installations that investigate real and imaginary environments where the mental and the physical blend in a personal narrative of human experience.