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Au cœur nous préférons le diaphragme

Eve Chariatte (CH)

Extra Time — creation
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in the frame of Extra Time

Au cœur nous préférons le diaphragme invites us to a journey into strangeness, a sensitive exploration in an uncertain future, one that sees the gradual transformation of ecosystems. If today the “climate crisis” is on everyone’s lips, this project rather seeks to apprehend new forms of relationships and emotions in the making, in a world that continues to deteriorate. With particular attention paid to the question of breath via the main breathing muscle, the diaphragm, the performance aims to create a common atmosphere shared between the stage and the audience. But above all it is an invitation to dive in. Dive into the world that is coming and that we sense will bring about global changes. Dive into the strange, its affects and landscapes. Dive into an ecosystem comprising movement, body, text, conference, and sound. Dive to better find your breath.

choreography, performance: Eve Chariatte / writing, performance: Antoine Rubin / scientific advice, performance: Eva Zornio / sound creation, performance: Eleonora Polato / artistic guidance: Adina Secretan et Laura Kirshenbaum / light creation and stage management: Louis Riondel / costume design: Julie Lahoual / production: ecco, far° Nyon / co-production: Format 26, Bienne / support : Ville de Bienne, Canton de Berne, Ville de Delémont, République et Canton du Jura, Ville de St-Imier, Loterie Romande, Fondation Loisirs-casino