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Here are four possible routes – among the many possible paths – through our programme to foster complicity by following the itineraries traced by our artist/sentinels.

1. Unlearning our relationship to sound, light, darkness and sleep to make ourselves available to the world in a different way, in that state where the mind is no longer the sole filter of reality:
Mikko Niemisto, Odd Meters
Alix Eynaudi, BRUNO
Sara Leghissa, Rettilario

2. Paying renewed attention to others and sharing in a universal weave of radical empathy:
Marion Zurbach / Unplush, Biche
Elvio Avila and Savino Caruso, Mi vida en tránsito
Boglárka Börcsök and Andreas Bolm, Figuring Age

3. Immersing ourselves in nature, developing our sensorial and perceptive abilities to be on the lookout, immersing ourselves in the animal, plant, aquatic or fungal world, in our desire to meet others:
Massimo Furlan and Claire de Ribaupierre, Avec l’animal
Annamaria Ajmone, La notte è il mio giorno preferito
Sara Manente, MOLD
Shannon Cooney, Fluid Resilience

4. Unlearning how to tell a story, letting ourselves be carried away by the joy of recomposing space, materials and textures, in order to play with ways of creating meaning and entering into relationships:
Cuqui Jérez et Óscar Bueno, Supernova
Pauline Brun et Marcos Simões, Tie-Tool