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Pauline Brun & Marcos Simões (FR,PT,BE)

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duration : 60'

Suitable for all audiences
Peu ou pas de paroles Accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite English speaker friendly

Tie-Tool is an illusion, an exquisite corpse-choreography, designed and performed by Pauline Brun and Marcos Simões.

Lying on the floor, rags move and come to life, bickering, coming together and falling apart, seeming to seek their raison d’être in the suspended time of misunderstanding and unanswered questions. Borrowing its name from a tool used to tie knots in balloons, Tie-Tool is a playful exploration, at once physical, visual and plastic, of the space of freedom that opens up to us when meaning is lost to reason and all signs take flight. 

A way of playing with different ways of creating meaning, of abandoning ourselves to the weightlessness and prolific creativity of misunderstanding. What if our accidental pillow fights were rituals for generating parallel universes, where the best stories never have an ending?

Tie-Tool, Pauline Brun et Marcos Simões : propos recueillis par Wilson Le Personnic – 18.07.2022
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design & performance Pauline Brunet and Marcos Simões sound creation Charlotte Imbault lighting creation Vic Grevendonk outside eyes Jaime Llopis and Adaline Anobile administration Hiros vzw production No Small Mess – Lucille Belland coproduction C-Takt, Kunstencentrum Buda and WpZimmer coproduction, long version 3bisf residency WpZimmer support far° festival des arts vivants Nyon, Point éphémère, CND (Centre National de la danse), Embassy of France in Switzerland