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A mouthful of tongues

Stina Fors (AT,SE)

Swiss premiere
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duration 45'
A few words in English, Swedish and an invented language

This show is part of the family tour.


Peu ou pas de paroles Accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite English speaker friendly 

A Mouthful of Tongues celebrates the mouth as a powerful channel through which communication can take shape, form, twist, dislocate and resurrect. Stina Fors embarks on an exploratory journey through a multitude of vocal techniques (grunting, ventriloquism, tongue exercises and the imitation of dinosaur cries), in which sounds and bodies are disconcertingly dissociated. A shift takes place between modes of transmission, which clash as confusion sets in. From this organic theatre emerge fragmented stories, thoughts and emotions that belong in other places, mesmerising landscapes, of which it is possible to hear only snatches in a dialect that sounds like English but is not. A moment full of finesse, at once funny, unexpected and intriguing.


direction See Stina Fors in a completely different world with Frankenstein

design and performance Stina Fors artistic eye Deborah Hazler and Charlotta Ruth production Sophie Menzinger coproduction Stina Fors, brut Wien sponsors MA7, Huggy Bears art space, Raw Matters, Im_Fliger