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Danse des perceptions

Léa Samira Bernath, Délia Krayenbuhl and Fabio Zoppelli from Collectif Foulles (CH)

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duration : 2h

This show is part of the family tour.

All ages

English speaker friendly

This workshop is led by Léa Samira Bernath and two members of Collectif FOULLES, Délia Krayenbuhl and Fabio Zoppelli. For two hours, they invite participants to move around, exploring their senses and becoming one with what their surroundings have to offer. After a playful warm-up, a range of guided improvisation exercises are offered to sharpen the senses, alone, in duets or in groups: hearing, touch and sight are used as tools to approach movement in a sensitive way. Based on an accumulation of different sensations gathered during guided improvisations, participants are then encouraged to create their own dances. These choreographies are fuelled by memories of these experiences and can be tried out and shared in a welcoming and respectful environment.


This workshop is offered as part of the Un Été sous les Marronniers programme, in partnership with the City of Nyon.


direction This merry team will be on stage in Safety Station.