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Faire troupeau

Marion Thomas (CH,FR)

Les récits du futur
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duration approx. 40'

Creation (work stage)

This show is part of the ecological tour.


Accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite Rencontre avec les artistes à l'issue de la représentation

In January 2023, far° launched Les Récits du Futur, a writing and research residency in partnership with the Centre de compétences en durabilité at the University of Lausanne. The winner of the call for projects, Marion Thomas, will now unveil Faire Troupeau, an original text in a set designed for the stage.

“In responding to far’s call for projects, I wanted to praise empathy as a force for political protest. Empathy is the new punkAnd that’s why I focused on sheep, because they have a reputation for being stupid and blindly following others. What if that was their strength? What if we were to consider that sheep, through their social intelligence, are in fact resisting individualism and indifference? I interviewed researchers and breeders and injected a bit of humour and a fair bit of science fiction into this stage of my work, in which I invite the audience to join me as a flock”.
– Marion Thomas


direction Followed by a meeting with Marion Thomas, Colin Pahlisch (Centre de compétences en durabilité, UNIL) and a member of the far° team.


Marion Thomas, Faire Troupeau
MaCulture, 04.08.23
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design, writing and performance Marion Thomas residency and production support far° Nyon sponsors ORIA – Observatoire sur les récits et imaginaires de l’Anthropocène – Centre de compétences en durabilité (CCD), University of Lausanne, Fonds culturel de la Société Suisse des Auteurs (SSA), Fondation Casino Barrière Montreux acknowledgements Justine Jacquemart; Bob Martin; Eva Prochet; Pascal Viande; Pascal Bodin, Service de l’environnement, Ville de Nyon; Julia Nerfin, WWF Vaud