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Compagnie Nuit Corail (CH)

travelling in situ recreation
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duration : 1h15

This show is part of the ecological and family tours.

No toilet on site

What if the forest could speak to us? With Forêt, Nuit Corail invites you to enter a land of legends full of mischievous spirits. Grab a good pair of shoes and set off on an immersive walk to discover the secrets and wonders of the region’s woods. Take the time to observe and listen to what the trees, mushrooms, bushes and mosses are whispering to you, and maybe you will even be lucky enough to come across a few funny and endearing little creatures. Forêt is an ecological fable that opens the door to mysterious worlds and raises awareness of the spirit of the forest, its inhabitants, and its scents and colours. A sweet dream to be experienced with the family.


direction In conjunction with the show Forêt, Sarah Anthony, Loredana von Allmen and artist Alice Müller will be running a workshop on the theme of the forest for children and families "Cahier de forêt" Sun 13.08 10.30am-12.30pm, Esplanade des Marronniers, 5+

Free workshop as part of the Un Été sous les Marronniers programme, organised in partnership with the City of Nyon.


direction To continue exploring the fascinating world of mushrooms, head to La Grenette to see the mycelium objects in the ROT GARDEN.

design Loredana von Allmen and Sarah Anthony writing, direction and acting Loredana von Allmen, Sarah Anthony, Sébastien Gautier voice Lili von Allmen sound design Raphaël Raccuia construction, props, stage management Valentine Pizzera mycelium design Céline Ducret costumes Coralie Chavin and Karolina Luisoni headdresses Malika Stähli illustration Alice Müller fundraising assistance Laura Salvadori network communications Claire Nicolas residency and production support far° Nyon, Maison de Quartier de Chailly et Festival de la Cité sponsors Loterie Romande, Ville de Lausanne, Fonds culturel de la Société Suisse des Auteurs (SSA) et de l’association professionnelle, Fondation Michalski, Migros Vaud, Canton de Vaud


acknowledgements Christian Denisart, Judith Desse, Ariel Garcia, Floriane Mésenge, Claire Nicolas, Lili and Nemo for their invaluable insights and to the people who helped us with our research: Jan Boni, Matthieu Détraz, Amaranta Fontcuberta, Katia Gindro, Charlotte Grossiord, Elena Havlicek, Valérie Jeanrenaud, Daniel Kolly, Claire Lebayon, Florian Meier, Blaise Mulhauser, Alain Perusset, Gilles Taramarcas, Léa Wobmann.