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Water, l'atterrée des eaux vives

Castélie Yalombo (CG,BE,ES)

Swiss premiere
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duration 55'

This show is part of the spellbinding magic of metamorphosis tour.


Peu ou pas de paroles Accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite English speaker friendly 

In Water, Castélie Yalombo reflects on the ambivalence of mixed-race bodies, torn by the friction between different categories of belonging. In a visceral dance show, she bears witness to stories, memories and places in which her body becomes, in spite of itself, an artefact of stories of domination, displacement, exile and hope. The vibrant performance shatters and rejects any assignment of identity, by questioning our perceptions of racialised female bodies.

“Although my mixed-race background and my status as an Afro-descendant give a specific colour to this work, the experience of identity is, in my opinion, a fluid and transformative phenomenon that’s always established in the relationship with the other, even if that other is a ‘Self’.”
– Castélie Yalombo

choreography Castélie Yalombo music Loucka Ellie Fiagan sound spatialisation Lucie Grésil ceramics, set design Sophie Farza dramaturgy Jean Lesca clown coach Anna Kuch choreographic support Anja Röttgerkamp production and distribution ama Brussels: France Morin and Anna Six delegate production ama Brussels in collaboration with Kunstenwerkplaats coproduction Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Charleroi danse, Atelier 210, KWP Kunstenwerkplaats, Rising Horses – Louise Vanneste with the support of Kunstencentrum BUDA, KWP Kunstenwerkplaats, Studio Etangs Noirs, Rising Horses, Les Brigittines, workspacebrussels, Théâtre Varia, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles – Service général de la Création artistique, VGC, Wallonie-Bruxelles International