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Where is your partner

ultra (CH)

Premiere in Western Switzerland
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duration 60'
in French

Themes of domestic violence are addressed.
Anyone concerned should contact AVVEC (Help for victims of domestic violence).

Accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite Rencontre avec les artistes à l'issue de la représentation

“Why didn’t you leave sooner?” is a mantra that is hammered into the ears of people who have suffered domestic violence, and it points to the complex dynamics that underlie domestic violence, from control and guilt to the difficulty of obtaining justice. With Where Is Your Partner, ultra tackles the subject head-on and dissects its many layers. Part anonymous testimonial, part performance, this multi-disciplinary production gives rise to a unique form that delves into our intimate lives to lay bare the relations of power, oppression and domination that stem from the existing patriarchal model. Each archive is a personal trace that gives body and life to collective and sisterly protests.

“Ultra currently consists of ten people, eight of whom are women*. And in line with statistics […], two or three of us have already experienced domestic violence. Our desire not to hide this fact was the trigger for the project. Our testimonies are an integral part of the performance.”
– ultra 

*“women” in the sense of a socially, historically and politically constructed category


direction On Friday 11 August, a meeting with the artistic team and Anne Lanfranchi (AVVEC - Help for victims of domestic violence).) will be held after the performance.

D'être artiste et mère
Quatrième mur, 03.08.2023
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design and production ultra – Sarah André, Anna K. Becker, Mirjam Berger, Maxine Devaud (french voice Cassandre Poirier-Simon), Beatrice Fleischlin, Nina Langensand, Isabelle Mauchle, Barbara Meuli, Jasmina Serag in the background but providing support Orpheo Carcano, Thomas Köppel production and distribution oh la la – performing arts production: Maxine Devaud sponsors Selektive Productionsförderung Kanton Luzern, Regionalkonferenz Kulture, RKK, Migros Culture Percentage, Fondation Ernst Göhner, Fondation suisse des artistes interprètes SIS, Fondation Anne-Marie Schindler, Fondation Monika Widmer acknowledgements Pius BacherAnna Nydegger, Claudia Schildknecht, Jule Schumacher