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Zona de derrama

Catol Teixeira (BR,CH)

creation in situ
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duration 50'

This show is part of the spellbinding magic of metamorphosis and Relax tour.

Please check the far° website in case of uncertain weather.


Peu ou pas de paroles Accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite English speaker friendly 

In Portuguese, Zona de Derrama (“Overflow Zone”) refers to a territory with no clearly defined limits, inviting anything that seeps in, overflows or spreads beyond borders to manifest itself. From this hybrid place, multiple voices, organic sounds, music and dance emerge. For the occasion, artist Luisa Lemgruber has created layers of sound from elements that make up the environment: rocks, earth, water, etc. By making aquatic resources the heart of their dance creation, Catol Teixeira questions notions of regeneration, exhaustion and self-care. This timeless moment awakens our senses and celebrates water as a poetic material that moves and flows, as well as a political object.

“(…) Resonance is also a signifier for the transmission of feeling, thought, senses, and memory. Moving between and beyond genres, media, disciplines, politics, and affects, resonance is constant tessellation and oscillation. Yet resonance does not make for an easy and simplistic gathering of wholeness, for it is often a discrepant engagement; its movements through time and space are simultaneously integrative and disintegrative. Fissure, fracture, incongruity, the rickety “– the creaking of the word” (…).
Composed of multiversal resonating performances that constantly form and deform, the formless alters the content of design and the design of content. A fluctuating ensemble of operations, the formless performs borderless arrangements. These ensembles, for us, happen in and across the spatial-temporal continuums of anticolonial aesthetics that serve to bring things down [déclasser], for the anticolonial has always been lurking behind the categorical imperative of form itself, violent designs meant to be destroyed through aesthetic strategy, study, and battle.
– Formless Formation - Vignettes for the End of This World by Sandra Ruiz and Hypatia Vourloumis 

Catol Teixeira brise les codes de la danse et du genre
Les Inrocks, 27 juillet 2023
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design Catol Teixeira dance Auguste de Boursetty, Luara Raio, Catol Teixeira creation, sound design Luisa Lemgruber production Rabea Grand coproduction far° Nyon and Südpol Luzern as part of the Extra Time Plus programme sponsors Ernst Göhner Foundation, Landis & Gyr Foundation, Edith Maryon Foundation, Johnson Foundation in partnership with Cima Città. acknowledgements Camilla Parini and Savino Caruso for sharing their Extra Time Plus experience, and to all those involved in the project. This performance is organised for Reso – Réseau Danse Suisse co-production fund, with the support of Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council and the Cantons.