Amour Super : Blowing Out Our Candles !

Collective Fléchir le Vide en Avant en Faisant une Torsion de Côté CH
  • Sa 17.08.24 22h
  • Duration 2h
  • Free
  • Followed by a DJ set
  • Swiss premiere
  • Gratuit
  • Gratuit
Location and other practical information

Cour des Marchandises, Nyon

For this event, we invite the public to join us to blow out the 40 candles of the festival with the far° team, then set the dancefloor alight and dance with us through the night.

This proposal is part of the  Festive route.

In a hilarious and offbeat setting in Cour des Marchandises, the Fléchir le Vide collective will take over the venue for a festive ball, or rather a super disco, Amour Super! With two female DJs on the decks, the atmosphere is guaranteed to be wild with hits ranging from 80s slow songs and 90s/2000 Eurodance to today’s Gabber. The programme will feature a tribute to entertainment and funfair, activities, challenges, a giant conga, a panther dance, a wheel of fortune, and group choreography… And lots more surprises from the entertainers. All under the guidance of three MCs and a wild lifeguard who will keep an eye on the crowd’s love level.

“I hear you dance every slow song like it’s your last.
I hear Donna Summer was limbo champion in 1997.
I hear Eurodance has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
I hear you missed the firemen’s ball and cried all summer.
So put on your best flip-flops, your zip-up waterproof jacket, your leopard print leggings, and come and beat the world record for the longest conga with us (1,338 people. EASY!)”.
_Collective Fléchir le Vide en Avant…

  • ©Lou-Anne Geneste

creation Fléchir le Vide en Avant en Faisant une Torsion de Côté Collective MCs Colettes Cécile Rutten, Fanny Scherer, Morgane Cornet DJs Jehanne Cretin-Maitenaz, Juliette Lamas, Kaspar Tainturier Fink lifeguard Emmanuel Rovira-Figols production manager Valentine Palanghi administrator Hélène Barillot coproduction Festival du Bitume et des Plumes support City of Besançon, Département du Doubs

Thanks to the dancing bodies that give us strength and to cousine-boule-de-ron-ron, our beloved cat.