Fabrique and Marchandises

The fabrique des arts vivants

The “fabrique des arts vivants” is characterised by artistic residencies, specific support for emerging artists and cultural participation projects. This essential year-round work means that many of our creations are ready for presentation during the festival in August.

In this context, far° makes space available to artists by offering residencies outside the festival from September to July. Many of the shows presented during the festival can be created thanks to these residencies. From time to time, and when the venue is available, far° also welcomes artists for residencies that are not directly linked to the festival programme; these enable the far° team to meet the artists.

The Salle des Marchandises

In 2018, far° inaugurated the Salle des Marchandises, otherwise known as Les Marchandises, a space ideally located in the heart of the city of Nyon, to develop its activities. Without taking the place of a theatre with a season programme, Les Marchandises offers a response to the needs of new contemporary artistic practices.

It provides a space for research and residencies for Swiss and international artists. It encourages mediation and cultural participation with a variety of audiences, and also offers public openings in connection with all the activities developed. Finally, it helps to strengthen collaborations and create new partnerships with various institutions (universities, museums, associations, etc.). In tune with a changing society, Les Marchandises aims to position itself at the interface between art, society and territory. The room offers a single, light-filled workspace of around 137 m2.