Mille lieues - in situ

Marion Baeriswyl & D.C.P CH
  • Mo 12.08.24 18h
  • Tu 13.08.24 18h
  • Duration 50'
  • Creation
  • From age 10
  • Extra Time +
Location and other practical information

Parc du Boiron picnic area, Route de Genève 9, Nyon

→ 15′ by bus from Nyon station :
bus, n°803 direction “Nyon, Colovray” or n°811 direction ” Coppet, gare”, “Nyon plage” stop, then, walk in direction of the Parc du Boiron.

→ 25′ walk from Cour des Marchandises :
walk along Sentier de Bois-Bougy (then along Boiron towards the lake).

This proposal is part of the Relax and Invigorating Cohabitation routes.

Marion Baeriswyl will be speaking at ddd day Permaculture – situated dance , organised in collaboration with AVDC – association vaudoise de danse contemporaine on Thursday 15.08 from 10.30am to 5.30pm.

The volume can be high – earplugs available.

In their duo work, Marion Baeriswyl and D.C.P question the way we inhabit the world and relate to the Earth. With Mille lieues, they suggest new ways of engaging with, learning from, and communicating with the environments on which we are interdependent. Inspired by the behaviour of the lichen, an algae fungus that acts in symbiosis with the elements on which it spreads, their new creation is born at the crossroads of several textures, materials, and disciplines that intertwine, dialogue, collide, and cohabit. Paying particular attention to slowness, detail, and precision, Marion Baeriswyl’s dance seems at one with the elements of nature, while D.C.P’s deep layers of music envelop, develop, and in turn contaminate us. It’s a timeless moment in the face of climate change, an invitation to be more attentive to what lies around us.

  • ©Laurent Valdès

concept Marion Baeriswyl and D.C.P choreography and dance Marion Baeriswyl musical composition and live performance D.C.P artistic collaboration and costumes Marie Bajenova artistic collaboration and set design Mélissa Rouvinet set design assistant Joanika Pages administration and production Laure Chapel/Pâquis production distribution Astrid Toledo production Association Aléas coproduction Extra Time Plus (far° Nyon, Südpol Luzern) in collaboration with FIT Lugano and LAC Lugano support Ville de Genève, Migros Culture Percentage, Loterie Romande (in progress) residencies far° Nyon, Südpol Luzern, Cima Città, Projet H107 Genève, Dansomètre Vevey, L’Abri Genève, Théâtre du Galpon Genève