Schönheit ist Nebensache ou Beauty is Incidental

Pol Pi BR FR
  • Sa 10.08.24 19h
  • Su 11.08.24 19h
  • Duration 1h05
  • Swiss premiere
  • From age 14
Location and other practical information

Salle de la Colombière, Rue de la Colombière 18, Nyon

This proposal is part of the Transcending borders route.

  • Accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite
For people with reduced mobility, please register before the show to obtain special assistance (1 step of 12 cm).

“Beauty is incidental” (Schönheit ist Nebensache in German) is one of the statements at the beginning of the 4th movement of the sonata for solo viola Op. 25 No. 1 by German composer Paul Hindemith (1895-1963) – a statement that could have been uttered by his compatriot and expressionist choreographer Dore Hoyer (1911-1967), author of the dance cycle Afectos Humanos (Human Affections), on which Pol Pi has been working for several years. Schönheit ist Nebensache or Beauty is Incidental is a dialogue between the works of Hindemith and Hoyer, each structured around five short solos as minimalistic as they are expressive, each composed by artists who have suffered the consequences of totalitarian governments. Through this poignant performance, which combines words with music and movement, Pol Pi links the biographies of the two artists to more general questions, such as the value of thought and art in these political regimes.

  • ©Latitudes Prod
  • ©Marc Domage

concept, direction and interpretation Pol Pi dance Cycle Afectos Humanos by Dore Hoyer (©Deutsches Tanzarchiv Köln) – Orgueil/VanitéDésirHaineAngoisseAmour transmission of dances Martin Nachbar music Sonata for solo viola opus 25 no.1 by Paul Hindemith Wide Very cool and tight Very slow Frantic tempo. Fast-paced. The beauty of the sound is secondary Slow, with great expressivity body painting Gwendalys Leriche production NO DRAMA delegated production Latitudes Prod. – Lille