Légende des pictogrammes et recommandation d'âge

accessible to people with reduced mobility
accessible to the visually impaired
english speaker friendly
little or no spoken word
meet the artists
Relax performance
touring show
Celebrating 40 years !

The ages given on the show pages are recommendations drawn up by the artistic teams and the far° team.

What is Relax ?

Attending a performance is a commonplace act, but for some it can seem impossible or even a trial. The aim of the Relax outings is to offer a more adapted welcome to audiences with special needs who want to go to the theatre and who, for various reasons, need to relax their codes.
The text below is written in FALC – Facile à Lire et Comprehension – by the association Relax Culture Vaud.

What are the Relax outings ? 
Relax outings are inclusive.
Everyone can see Relax shows.
Relax outings are a little different from other outings.
At Relax outings, the public can :
Express their emotions

Why are there Relax outings ?
Many people don’t go to see shows.
For example, people who are uncomfortable in closed public places.
People with disabilities.
Parents with babies.
People who often need to go to the toilet.
People with back problems who need to get up often.
Relax outings offer a solution.

How does a Relax show work ?
The show goes on as usual.
But everything else is different.
It’s more relaxed, cooler, easier.
At the Relax shows, the audience is freer.
They don’t have to sit still and make no noise.
The audience can
Express themselves
Move in and out
There’s always a bit of light.
So it’s easier to move around.
That way it’s less stressful.
There are volunteers.
They’re there to help.
Or to answer questions from the public.
They have a badge with an “R” on it.