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Mama Helvetica
wed 16 August

Warm up

11 am – 12 pm

One hour of physical, vocal and theatrical training, smoothening the legs and refreshing the mind (or maybe exactly the contrary). Open to everyone.

Jonas Lambelet is an actor; he’s involved in several collective projects that combine performance, theatre and installation.


Mama Helvetica sits down at the table

12:30 pm · Open meal · pay what you want

Simple and tasty food, proposed by par Antoinette Banoub, queen of spices (Veggie options available as well).

If possible, please announce your coming on the day before (or directly in the morning, before 10 am)! Sms/whatsapp : 076 517 75 41

Antoinette Banoub is a very active inhabitant of Nyon, who cherishes the word creativity. She’s constantly involved with hundreds of things, from philosophy to economy, or more recently, from open air meals to performance…


Everything calls me

From 2:30 pm

After lunch, a philosophical dialogue takes place right on the spot, interrogating the notion of reception.

Augustin Casalia is a philosopher and a lawyer. He currently develops various activities as a philosophical consultant, especially within the frame of scenic arts. 



5 pm - 6:30 pm

Charlotte Nagel opens up a space for circular and horizontal sharing, around the topics of vulnerability and the power of love in politics. Her actual research relates to feminine sexual energy in popculture, through the figure of the witch.

Charlotte Nagel is a Swiss performer, based in Lausanne. She articulates her research around the necessity for new narratives. She starts from the perspective of the performer as a witch, and of art as a ritual.