Performing arts and parenting

Dramaturgy, Dance, Dialogue (AVDC) and Perma-Culture
  • We 14.08.24
  • Duration 10h30 → 17h30
  • Free with reservation
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It is possible to join the day in progress and bring your children along by announcing yourself.

In spring 2022, with its PERMA-CULTURE project, far° embarked on a process of exploring the principles of permaculture in order to transpose them to the team’s working dynamics. Despite the principle’s agricultural background, the far° team is convinced that this way of thinking can be relevant in guiding the transformation of the cultural environment in light of the current challenges of ecological and social sustainability. The fruits of the experimentation around this project gave rise to the publication PERMA-CULTURE (work in progress), a perma-curatorial and artistic essay, on sale at the far° ticket office.
To take the exchange and circulation of perma-cultural practices a step further, far° has joined forces with AVDC – association vaudoise de danse contemporaine – to organise two days of ddd* meetings as part of the festival. All those wishing to take part and benefit from the sharing of experience and knowledge are welcome.

*ddd meetings (for dramaturgy, dance, and dialogue) were initiated by AVDC – association vaudoise de danse contemporaine in 2022. The aim is to understand dramaturgy not as a learned approach, in which the dramaturge is seen as a guardian of meaning, but as an intuitive and protean practice that moves between people, ideas, work processes, and disciplines. ddd is structured around two formats: experimental and collaborative dramaturgy studios and workshops for sharing practices.

This day is led by Caroline de Cornière (Cie C2C) and Nina Langensand (art+care).

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