Concert en plein air

David Koch CH
  • Su 11.08.24 21h
  • Duration 45'
  • Free
  • Gratuit
  • Gratuit

After being a member of numerous collective musical projects, including The Great Hillary Hillman, and VISITOR, David Koch has gone solo with his debut album Dormant (2023). His music is a bold exploration of melodies and sounds that are at times dark and minimalist, at others fragile and experimental. He takes to the stage with a whole collection of effects that he has modified or designed himself, to give free rein to the pathways of sound and its possible transformations. We recommend you listen carefully, let yourself be charmed by his spellbinding voice – tinkered with by analogue synthesisers – and immerse yourself in his dense, deep universe, which encourages introspection and silence… And live the experience to the full.

  • @Giulia Spek