1984-2024 : 40 Years of far° in Pictures, A Certain Outlook

Exposition en plein air
  • Th 08 → Su 18.08.24
  • Free
  • Gratuit
Location and other practical information

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Rue Juste-Olivier
Cour des Marchandises
Salle Communale
Usine à Gaz

This proposal is part of the Family, Relax and Festive routes.

For the 40th anniversary of far°, the idea of retracing the festival’s history in the form of a photographic retrospective quickly imposed itself. far° has a large number of photographic archives, the authors of which have come and gone since 1984. The richness of this material is invaluable, as these photographs are sometimes the only witnesses to performances that have taken place in Nyon, a particularity that is all the more evident when it comes to in situ artistic projects – outside the conventional theatre frame.
The photographs chosen for this exhibition weave links between past and present festivals, showcasing a certain history of far° from 1984 to 2024. The route has been designed along three lines: in situ creation, conviviality, and emergence. It pays tribute both to the evolution of the festival, to the artists who have been programmed there and who make up today’s local and international scene, and to the photographers who immortalised these moments. All the photographs on display are also available as postcards from the far° ticket office, so feel free to pick up your favourites and leave with a souvenir. We hope you enjoy your visit !

  • @Nicolas Lieber

concept, archiving and selection Anne Laroze, Anne-Christine Liske, Doris Naclerio and the entire far° team in collaboration with Arya Dil photographs Arya Dil, Erick Julia, Nicolas Lieber, Eddy Mottaz, Michel Perret, Alain Rouèche with the complicity of Maison de la Rivière (Tolochenaz) explanatory texts Anne Laroze editorial support and proofreading Lola Schofrin graphics and design WePlayDesign printing Wälti Publicité – Gland acknowledgements Arya Dil, Erick Julia, Nicolas Lieber, Eddy Mottaz, Michel Perret, la famille d’Alain Rouèche represented by Ophélie Makosso support City of Nyon, Region of Nyon, State of Vaud, Flanders delegation in Geneva