Editorial and routes


Mental alertness, downtime, and discoveries are what we will be offering with bivouacs – the title under which the shows, concerts, and workshops in this 40th far° performing arts festival are gathered. Although the term has its origins in the lexicon of the night watch, today it calls for experiences of discovery, rest, tranquillity, and poetic reinterpretation. To our minds, this plurality of ways of being in the world is necessary, yet not equally possible for all humans and non-humans. This year’s artists invite us to open up our worlds, to put into perspective and explore what surrounds us with vigilance and concern, to nourish our minds and bodies, and to party together.

This year marks the festival’s 40th anniversary. The period from 8 to 18 August will therefore be a time of celebration. Let’s recall the multitude of shows in a wide variety of venues, at L’Usine à Gaz, in the forest, walking in L’Asse, or dancing in Boiron, in the town centre, or in the countryside, experiencing the creation of shows with local and international artists, the “Théâtres d’Été” festival which became the “far° festival des arts vivants” and recently the “far° festival & fabrique des arts vivants”. This history has been documented with numerous photographs, some of which have been selected by the team to be exhibited in the public domain for the occasion. With projects stamped with the “Celebrating 40 years” pictogram, we invite you to take a stroll through the streets of Nyon to visit this open-air exhibition, to party with us throughout the festival, and to take advantage of a free day on 14 August. We will end on a high with the Amour Super party, to blow the festival’s 40 candles.

far° is first and foremost a dance, theatre, circus, performing arts, and now music festival. But every year, between September and July, it transforms into a living arts factory. As part of this process, we are able to support artistic projects in the making before sharing them with you, the audience, during the festival. Many artists come to Les Marchandises all year round to dream up and create shows. It is from this fertile ground that some “home-made” features have taken root, and they are particularly dear to our hearts, now that they have become an important part of the programme. First, the Extra Time Plus artistic teams from Switzerland’s three language regions will present their respective creations in a rich and varied programme. For the Récits du futur writing residency, French-speaking actress Danae Dario will present her first text on stage, La Chaire des Poules, which addresses the links between feminism and animal ethics. Finally, teenagers from Dream Teen will take part in a radio creation workshop to record a live broadcast, using material from shows seen during the festival.
Our factory also enables artists to adapt their shows to the Nyon area, allowing us to see the town and region of Nyon from a new angle. These outdoor, in situ projects include EN VOL, Pretend it’s a toilet, Let’s Dance, Grandeur Nature, KERMESSE, DOWN (Full album), or Mille lieues

With around thirty artistic projects from Switzerland and abroad, far° offers free concerts, dance, documentary theatre, circus, and artistic workshops, Relax performances, and shows for the whole family to enjoy. At the end of the brochure, you will find a number of possible routes to explore, so you can bivouactogether. If you would like to spend these eleven days in our company, you can now opt for the Unlimited Pass, a new feature for 2024, which allows you to attend all the performances.

Are you undecided about shows? Planning to come to far° for the first time? Or would you simply like some advice? Come and see us, write to us, or give us a call – we will be delighted to advise you.

Happy birthday to far° and enjoy the festival!

Anne-Christine Liske
and the whole far° team

Routes to explore

Where might you start in this extensive programme? We have put together a few suggestions to help you get started. There are, of course, many other routes you can take.

Family route
far° offers plenty of options that are accessible to accompanied children. Circus, dance, ventriloquism, workshops, and much more feature in the programme. On the following pages, you will find the minimum age recommended by the artists and the far° team to enjoy each event.
(1984 – 2024) 40 ans de festival en images, un certain regard
EN VOL, Maëva Longvert (installations en ville de Nyon et atelier)
Let’s Dance, Collectif du Feu de dieu
The Calling, Laura Kirshenbaum
Sacs à murmures / Die Flüstertüten, Yasmine Hugonnet (spectacle et atelier)
KERMESSE, Collectif and then…
SQUEEZE, Tyra Wigg

Relax route
Relax performances break with codes and introduce more flexible performance conditions to make the performing arts accessible to everyone.
(1984 – 2024) 40 ans de festival en images, un certain regard
EN VOL, Maëva Longvert (installations in the town of Nyon and workshop)
Insomnia, une danse pour s’interrompre, Alix Eynaudi
Voi·es·x de résistance, Association Reliefs
Mille lieues – in situ, Marion Baeriswyl and D.C.P
SQUEEZE, Tyra Wigg

Festive route
The team has put together a number of surprises for the festival’s 40th anniversary. Come and celebrate this anniversary with us!
1984-2024 : 40 Years of far° in Pictures, A Certain Outlook
EN VOL, Maëva Longvert
Let’s Dance, Collectif du Feu de dieu
KERMESSE, Collectif and then…
Amour Super, Collective Fléchir le Vide…

Transcending borders
Stories that challenge, question, and decompartmentalise collective experiences that are both intimate and political.
Je vis dans une maison qui n’existe pas, Laurène Marxrr
Entepfuhl, Alina Arshi
The Power (of) The Fragile – Un duo entre mère et fils, Mohamed Toukabri
Bordeline visible / À la limite du visible, Ant Hampton
Pretend it’s a toilet – Free 2 Pee Starter Pack, Sara Leghissa
Schönheit ist Nebensache ou la beauté s’avère accessoire, Pol Pi
Umarmung / Étreinte, Elvio Avila

Stopping off together
Formats that offer a refuge or temporary camps to rethink the world.
Insomnia, une danse pour s’interrompre, Alix Eynaudi
The Shelteratelier, Salomé Mooij
Bi-tà, Bianca Berger
Grandeur Nature, Collectif CCC
Ten Ways to put up a Tent, Tejus Menon
DOWN (full album), Mélissa Guex
Stéréo Vulcani, Collective Fléchir le Vide…

Invigorating Cohabitation
Invitations to rethink our relationship with living things, to question our ways of living on Earth.
Une Leçon de Ténèbres / Lecture – performance, Betty Tchomanga
La Chaire des Poules, Danae Dario
Mille lieues – in situ, Marion Baeriswyl and D.C.P
The Calling, Laura Kirshenbaum