Workshop Giga fanion (big pennant)

Chloé Démétriadès CH
  • We 14.08.24
  • Multigenerational workshop
  • From age 7
  • Free
Location and other practical information

Maison de quartier of la Levratte, Nyon
From 15:00 to 19:00 (entry and exit all the time).

8’ in bus from Nyon station :
bus n°815 direction “Gingins, poste”, stop “Nyon, Ch. Monastier” (a bus about every 10′), then walk 3’ to la Levratte.
bus n°804 direction “Nyon, Chantemerle”, stop “Nyon, Marens”, then walk 3’ to la Levratte.
train R55 (track 21/22), direction “La Cure”, stop “Les Plantaz”, then walk 7’ to la Levratte.

20′ walk from Cour des Marchandises :
via Sentier du Cossy.

This proposal is part of the Family and Festive routes.

Following in the footsteps of the Collectif and then… to honor the Levratte district, let’s get together to create a textile garland to decorate the square. What would a KERMESSE be without a big pennant ?
Come and imagine, chat, cut, draw and assemble fabrics, which will in turn be joined together, like big arms embracing the space of the KERMESSE show.
You don’t need to know how to do anything special, it’s super simple, for all ages, you just need a lot of people to make it big and splendid !