Bianca Berger CH
  • Mo 12.08.24 19h45
  • Tu 13.08.24 19h45
  • Duration 45'
  • Creation
  • From age 8
  • Extra Time +
Location and other practical information

Salle des Marchandises, Rue des Marchandises 5, Nyon

This proposal is part of the Stopping off together route.

Imagine the fusion of two worlds that are, at least on the surface, opposites: mathematics and contemporary dance. Now visualise what is happening around you: some things are predictable while others happen completely at random. Now follow Bianca Berger’s choreography, which translates all the concepts linked to these probabilities into movement: bodies are functions, movements are numbers, and events are subsets.
Introducing Bi-tà. An invitation to enter a space of probability where dance, music, and mathematics come together.

“Throughout my career as a dancer, I’ve felt the need to integrate a scientific perspective into my dance practice. This has led me to study mathematics at the University of Bologna. Despite the obvious differences, I found significant similarities between dance and maths. This revelation led me to explore the possible interactions between the two disciplines and the connections that could help them be mutually enriching. That’s why, in my creations, I use mathematics as a tool to generate dramaturgy, choreography, and movement.”
_Bianca Berger

  • ©Dessins : Bianca Berger, montage : Anne Laroze, far° Nyon 2024

concept, direction, and performance Bianca Berger mentoring Quim Bigas set design Prisca Grandi music Metunar coproduction far° Nyon and Südpol Lucerne for the Extra Time Plus programme in collaboration with FIT Lugano, LAC Lugano and TIB (Ticino is Burning) support Fondation Ernst Göhner, Fondation Landis & Gyr, Fondation Johnson, Fondation Edith Maryon, Fondation Hugo Looser, Fondazione Cultura del Locarnese, SIS (Fondazione degli artisti interpreti) creative residencies far° Nyon, Südpol Lucerne, Cima Città acknowledgements Cima Città