La Chaire des Poules

Danae Dario CH
  • Sa 10.08.24 17h
  • Duration 45'
  • Récits du futur°
  • From age 14
  • Creation (step of work)
Location and other practical information

Salle Communale, Rue des Marchandises 4, Nyon

The performance is followed by a discussion with Danae Dario, Judith Zagury (ShanjuLab) and a member of the far° team.

This proposal is part of the Invigorating Cohabitation route.

The themes of violence against women and animal abuse are addressed. At the time of writing, the artist is planning scenes with nudity and animal presence.

In January 2024, far° launched the second Récits du futur, a writing, research, and creative residency. French-speaking actress Danae Dario, who won the first prize, presents a stage in the work of her first play La Chaire des Poules.

“The story is as follows :
Two female bodies go on strike. A hen and a woman,
Secluded in a waiting room,
Waiting together
To grow old.
Their reproductive function over,
Perhaps their bodies will be returned to them?
No more insatiable devouring of their flesh by Man. But perhaps…
Their bodies face each other.
Two unique forms of being in the world.
The hen clutches the perch with her reptilian legs, a trace of the long evolution of living beings.
But behind the feathered dinosaur some might see only nuggets in a tub.
Of the woman perched on heels, some would see only the outlines of a fuckable, controllable body.
As an act of resistance to these visions, the human woman casts an open gaze on the animal,
Rehabilitating both bodies as subjects.”
_Danae Dario

  • ©Danae Dario
  • Danae Dario - La Chaire des Poules, ©Matthieu Moerlen - Mr Jadis Production

concept, writing, and performance Danae Dario sound design Alexandre Menexiadis artistic collaboration Chloë Lombard support ORIA – Observatoire sur les récits et imaginaires de l’Anthropocène – Competence Centre in Sustainability (CCD) of the University of Lausanne, Fonds culturel de la Société Suisse des Auteurs (SSA) acknowledgements ShanjuLab,Judith Zagury, Éléonore Lépinard residency and production support far° Nyon