Pretend it's a toilet - Free 2 Pee Starter Pack

Sara Leghissa IT
  • Fr 09.08.24 17h
  • Sa 10.08.24 17h
  • Su 11.08.24 18h
  • Duration 30'
  • Swiss premiere
  • In situ re-creation
  • From age 10
Location and other practical information

Fri 9.08, Sat 10.08 : Place du Marché 2, Nyon
Sun 11.08 : Rue de Rive 21, Nyon

To find out more, Sara Leghissa’s book Will You Marry Me ? is on sale at the far° ticket office.

This proposal is part of the Transcending borders route.

In Pretend It’s A Toilet, Sara Leghissa takes a concrete look at the representation of bodies in public space, as a space for queer socialisation and, at the same time, a place where binary thinking is applied par excellence. Can public toilets serve as a pretext for questioning the power dynamics that allow or prevent us from taking a stand on implicit rules? Why do certain bodies seem to be in the right place, and de facto more legitimate in dictating to others what they should do? This starter pack for peeing freely is an invitation to get together around hard-hitting slogans to bypass these dominant trends.
“Space is neutral, it’s the presence of ‘normalised’ bodies that makes a specific place a place of power.”
_Sandra Cane

  • ©Federica Iannuzzi
  • Pretend it's a toilet - Sara Leghissa, ©Matthieu Moerlen - Mr Jadis Production

conception and performance Sara Leghissa dramaturgical collaboration Sandra Cane, Tomas Gonzalez activation Sebastiano Lorenza Pala choreographic assistant Michele Rizzo costumes Lucia Gallone graphic design Marzia Dalfini production Associazione L’Altra executive production Federica Iannuzzi coproduction Les Halles de Schaerbeek, Teatro Prospero/ROM – Residency On the Move, Kunstencentrum Viernulvier, Lavanderia a Vapore residency and production support far° Nyon