Stéréo Vulcani

Collective Fléchir le Vide en Avant en Faisant une Torsion de Côté CH
  • Sa 17.08.24 17h
  • Su 18.08.24 16h
  • Duration 1h10
  • From age 14
Location and other practical information

Salle des Marchandises, Rue des Marchandises 5, Nyon

Sa 17.08 at 16:30. Cour des Marchandises : introduction to the show for those who wish to attend. A meeting with the artistic team will take place after the performance.

This proposal is part of the Stopping off together route.

The theme of psychological disorders is addressed.

Stéréo Vulcani is a lively, sensitive sound creation. Three performers on stage weave together sounds, collected recordings, electronic music, and intimate accounts gathered from friends and family to talk about troubled mental states, distorting horizons, and landscapes. It is a plunge into the abyss that raises questions, analyses, upsets, stirs things up, and opens up the space for dialogue on mental conditions.

Stereocaulon vulcani is a pioneering living species that can be found on the lava flows of certain volcanoes. The first trace of life after an explosion, it’s a transitional space between two different landscapes: a smooth black expanse/trees and plants. Like a hinge between two states, like certain crises that enable us to move forward, like a necessity to rebuild things differently. It’s a dual organism, a mutual exchange between algae and fungi. This species evokes the porosity of things, of beings, of their representation and their resilience. By drawing inspiration from the behaviour of Stereocaulon vulcani, we seek to explore the dual landscape that constitutes us, both the external landscape, that which we see and can embrace with our eyes, and the internal landscape, our psychic state, our mental landscape.”
_ Collective Fléchir le Vide en Avant en Faisant une Torsion de Côté

  • ©Julie Folly, Belluard Bollwerk
  • ©Julie Folly, Belluard Bollwerk

creation Fléchir le Vide en Avant en Faisant une Torsion de Côté Collective concept, texts, and lyrics Juliette Damien and Juliette Lamas by and with Jehanne Cretin-Maitenaz, Juliette Damien, Juliette Lamas documentary sound creation Jehanne Cretin-Maitenaz music Juliette Lamas and Juliette Damien set design Juliette Lamas dressmaker Lucie Marchand sound manager Faustine Vallienne (with Laura Van Binsbergen for the creation) lighting design Gabrielle Fuchs, Faustine Vallienne lighting manager Gaëlle Reigné coproduction Belluard Bollwerk Festival – Fribourg, 2 Scènes – SN de Besançon, Ici l’Onde – Dijon support DRAC Bourgogne Franche-Comté, City of Besançon, Département du Doubs, Saxifraga Angoulême, Théâtre de la Casquette Brussels, Ateliers Mommen Brussels, Quai 41 Brussels, CDN Besançon, Archipel 19 Brussels, Le corridor Liège, Le Bastion Besançon, la Maison de la Création Brussels, le boson Brussels, le Théâtre de la Bouloie Besançon, la Cartonnerie – Projet D Mesnay