Ten Ways to put up a Tent

Tejus Menon CH IN
  • We 14.08.24 20h
  • Th 15.08.24 20h
  • Duration 40'
  • Creation
  • From age 12
Location and other practical information

Salle Communale, Rue des Marchandises 4, Nyon

“Wednesday day is free!”: On Wed 14.08, the performances are free of charge, subject to availability. Please reserve your seats so that you can take advantage of them.

This proposal is part of the Stopping off together route.

formative for Westerners – and specifically for the Swiss – and which is rapidly gaining ground in his native India. For some, the practice is associated with well-being, while for others it is deeply marked by the history of colonial empires and territorial expansion. Ten Ways to Put Up a Tent is an exhilarating decolonial dance that confronts and challenges points of view.

“Camping is an act of faith and survival. As he walks into the unknown, Q feels well prepared. Q has water, food and, above all, shelter. Q is a fully-fledged adult and has decided, in the manner of a rite of passage, to go out and establish a link with nature. As far as the rite of passage is concerned, none of Q’s recent ancestors ever voluntarily took up a tent and walked into a forest for fun. The act of pitching a tent is a precarious one. What appears to be an act of temporary habitation quickly leads to a camp, a hunting party, a trig survey, a railway, and before you know it, they’re fighting for independence. Sometimes it’s not like that, sometimes it’s just a couple of days in the Alps.”
_Tejus Menon

  • ©Sara Merz

concept, artistic direction, and performance Tejus Menon choreography Tejus Menon, Johanna Heusser costumes Sophie Schmid, Tejus Menon dramaturgy Valtko Kultzen Mentors, Jessica Huber, Romain Guion sound design Aditya Kapoor support Tanzhaus Zürich, Tanzhaus Berne, far° Nyon, City of Bern, Canton of Bern, BETA – VEREIN BERNER TANZSCHAFFENDE, Gesellschaft zu Ober-Gerwern Berne