The Calling

Laura Kirshenbaum FR IL
  • We 14.08.24 21h
  • Th 15.08.24 19h
  • Duration 40'
  • Creation
  • From age 6
Location and other practical information

Salle des Marchandises, Rue des Marchandises 5, Nyon

“Wednesday is free!” : On Wed 14.08, the performances are free of charge, subject to availability. Please reserve your seats so that you can take advantage of them.

This proposal is part of the Family and Invigorating Cohabitation routes.

Like parrots learning human language, the artists in The Calling try to become something they are not, i.e. birds. In this dance-concert, mouths and bodies give voice to a range of bird songs from the Nyon region, transcribed from observations and field recordings. The result of this environmental research is an exhilarating soundscape that blurs and expands the boundaries between humans and the environment, the inside and the outside. With this new work, Laura Kirshenbaum urges us to rethink our relationship with living things and offers a new framework for inter-species dialogue through the prism of enunciation and vocal practices.

  • ©Itai Raveh

concept and choreography Laura Kirshenbaum based on the in-situ performance, In the Garden creation in collaboration with Lisanne Goodhui and Myriam Pruvot sound and vocal guidance Myriam Pruvot production Golden Hands – Lucille Belland artistic residency far° Nyon acknowledgements Noémie Delaloy