The Power (of) The Fragile

Mohamed Toukabri TN BE
  • Th 08.08.24 20h15
  • Fr 09.08.24 21h
  • Duration 1h10
  • Swiss premiere
  • From age 12
Location and other practical information

Usine à Gaz, Rue César-Soulié 1, Nyon

This proposal is part of the Transcending borders route.

  • Accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite
For people with reduced mobility, please register before the show to gain access to an adapted entrance to the building.
Stroboscopic effects in some scenes.

After being separated from her for several years by increasingly marked borders, dancer and choreographer Mohamed Toukabri invites his mother, Latifa Khamessi, to join him on stage. The space becomes the country where they can meet again and reunite their two cultures, their dance vocabularies, and their lives that have drifted apart. Mother and son meet again, learn about and rediscover each other, and, when words are no longer enough to express parent/child love, their bodies take over. Their dance becomes a caress, caring and attentive. Their skins and identities merge delicately. The demarcation between the two beings and their generations is diluted in a to-and-fro of weights and counterweights, in reference to the heaviness of life, the passage of time, broken ties, distance, and unacknowledged dreams – Khamessi has always dreamed of being a dancer, but her dream was suppressed for years, while Toukabri has made it his profession. Le Pouvoir de la Fragilité is a tender, mischievous portrait of a close relationship, and a manifesto for freedom and the right to go wherever one wants.

  • ©Christian Tandberg, Dansens Hus Oslo

concept and choreography Mohamed Toukabri performance Mimouna (Latifa) Khamessi, Mohamed Toukabri dramaturgy Diane Fourdrignier stage manager and set designer Lies Van Loock tour manager Matthieu Vergez sound design and artistic consultant Annalena Fröhlich sound technician Paola Pisciottano costumes Ellada Damianou research and development Eva Blaute intern Constant Vandercam acknowledgements Estelle Baldé, Radouan Mriziga, Rim Toukabri, Bachir Toukabri, Sofiane Ouissi, Julia Reist, Maria-Carmela Mini, Synda Jebali, Yasmin Dammak, Elise Cnockaert and Liz Kinoshita executive production Caravan Production coproduction Needcompany, Vooruit, Beursschouwburg, Dansens Hus Oslo residency Cultuurcentrum De Factorij, Needcompany, Vooruit, Charleroi Danse support Flemish authorities, Flemish Community Commission (VGC)