The Shelteratelier

Salomé Mooij BE NL
  • Tu 13 → Sa 17.08.24 16h 16h30 17h 17h30 18h30 19h30 20h 20h30 21h
  • Duration 30'
  • From age 14
  • Premiere in French-speaking switzerland
Location and other practical information

La Grenette, Place du Marché 2, Nyon

Wed 14.08, all performances are free of charge, subject to availability. Please reserve your seats so that you can take advantage of them.

From 13.08 to 17.08, the exhibition at La Grenette is open to the public from 16:00 to 21:00. Admission is free.

This proposal is part of the Stopping off together route.

One person at a time.

The Shelteratelier is an artistic investigation by Salomé Mooij into our intimate and personal places of refuge. Places where we find rest and shelter. Silent places where the noise of the world fades and where we can make contact with other layers of existence. Layers that sometimes seem difficult to access, but which are essential to our roots. Based on a privileged one-to-one discussion with Mooij, your “own room” is transposed into a miniature model, using small everyday objects collected by the artist beforehand. The work can then be taken home or added to the collection of possible shelters, a testament to the wealth of worlds that relate to the issue of rest. A wonderful way to take refuge, away from the world.

  • ©Salomé Mooij

by and with Salomé Mooij in collaboration with Claire Hermans production SoAP Maastricht supportFlanders delegation in Geneva